About Us

Harbrin Energy Inc GLOBAL (HEI GLOBAL) Commodity Trade, and Protective Insulation Coatings company that deals in the physical trade of sugar and Crude Oil.  HEI is a Real Estate Development company with projects ranging from Hotel / Resorts, to Commercial and residential Properties. HEI Helps Busineses with Project Funding and Private Equity Investments.

HEI Global Protective Coatings brings superior fireproofing, and corrosion protection to petrochemical plants and oil refineries with our advanced thermal protective coatings (TPC’s).  Our protective insulation coatings reduce energy consumption in residential and commercial  buildings.

 HEI Global expands its activities as an integral logistics operator “Door to Door”. With global coverage through our agents represented in U.S., U.K., Europe, Dubai (UAE), Asia, Africa, Central and South America.