We Source Refined Petroleum Products

HEI Global Inc (HEI) has a global network of refineries that we can source refined Petroleum Products. We can source AGO, D2 & D6, Jet Fuel (JP54, A-1), Kerosene, and other Refined petroleum products. Our particular expertise is locating customers and matching their needs with our specific projects and product supply. We can engage in Rotterdam, Houston and all major Asian and Russian ports. 

“Transactional Commodity Procedures”

We are an integrated Trade & Fuel Company. We match Suppliers of Energy Products with our Global Network of end users and Prospective Buyers.  We have direct access to Supply with Global Representatives.  HEI Global Inc.(HEI), can provide Products to End users and Re-sellers.

Typical Procedures for fuel transactions:

1. Most buyers purchase fuel on a CI, Dip and Pay basis for the first lift followed by a monthly or weekly contract using various financial instruments as guarantees.

2. Purchasers who are not majors are required to provide HEI and its Financial partners with various financial instruments to facilitate the particular logistics and order. The Financial Instruments vary according to each particular contract. 

We always deal direct, so we can give our clients the confidence in procuring their desired product in a timely and efficient manor. All deals are above board and transparent. Give HEI a chance and gain a petroleum supply chain partner for life.