At HEI Global Inc., we trade raw and white sugar, bulk and bag, for shipment in containers and vessels. We have sales & distribution activities in USA, Africa, and Dubai. Additionally our network and teams supports our global offices, suppliers, and customers around the world.

We originate sugar from the world’s leading sugar producer Country (Brazil). Our supply network –   have investments in export terminals in Brazil which support our ability to deliver differentiated services that match customers’ specific logistical and quality requirements.


Logistic efficiency

  • Our significant warehousing, transportation, and terminal access across all major origins creates executional efficiency and control. Our deep understanding of logistics issues provides opportunities for differentiated supplier and customer solutions.

Quality management

  • Supply chain visibility from sugar mill to final shipment destination plus alignment with Quality & Food Safety Management programs allows for quality differentiation: You can be confident in your supply.

  • A broad supplier base allows for different packing solutions to meet different market requirements.

Flexibility of supply

  • Multiple origin access, global presence and deep logistics expertise allows flexibility in supply. We provide flexible solutions for when there is an urgent need or if plans change.

Execution expertise & experience

  • Deep sugar execution and expertise combined with a strong focus on our customers’ and suppliers’ needs helps ensure timely and efficient execution.

Commercial Financing & Factoring Services

  • In a fast paced market driven by supply and demand, we at HEI know that many distributors and retailers have a very dynamic payment scheme that does not appeal to most suppliers. HEI knows that because of these dynamic payment schemes that many distributers are face with from their cliental (Retailers), cash flow can be a problem and drastically affect the supply chain. Our ability to provide Commercial financing and Factoring services to Approved customers through our Commercial Lending Partner, we can achieve a holistic payment program that will support our customers Supply chain and increase our customers ability to meet their Clients supply demand.


Our range of supply:

1)  25,000 Metric Tons to 1,000,000+ (one million) Metric Tons per month

2)  Containers, 50 kgs , 25 kg, etc.

  Worldwide Operations

HEI Global Inc.'s reach has spread across the globe to reach geographically across several countries with Network offices the USA, Panama, Brazil (Sao Paolo), United Kingdom (London), and China (Hong Kong).  HEI works with a comprehensive, end-to-end model that oversees Sugar commodity Physical Trade exchange across the flow: from Upstream (origination, farming, strategic investment) to Midstream (sourcing, marketing, charting and port logistics).

We have Network offices in Panama, USA, Brazil, UK, and China.

The locations of our international offices are in areas known for being key centers for sourcing and distribution of Sugar that we manage. Our choice of location provides us with ideal proximity to both suppliers and buyers, allowing us to keep an ear to the ground when it comes to shifting trends and changing patterns in the Sugar industry we oversee.

We’ve worked hard to become a real player in the global Sugar Trade Market. We’ve achieved recognition and success in our industry by optimizing our participation across the flow, enhancing value and managing risk.


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