VIDEOS / Presentations (HEI)

Barrier Pro™ can withstand ruptured gas lines that are spewing fire at walls. This 10 min. demonstration shows its effectiveness at suppressing a constant source of fire, while controlling the rate and spread of that fire. Visit

The Above Video is a full presentation of our Line of Coatings (Very good Information), and following presentation we do a liveFire demonstration with a few of ourline of products.

The Above Video was Done for a Utility Company to address the fire protection the Utility Pole would have when coated with our Barrier Pro Protective Insulation Coating. The above Video is the Introduction of the Test that HEI will perform on the Pole.  This actual test was done in the middle of Summer at the hottest point of the day.  As you can see the pole has a coated side and the other side was left uncoated to show surface temperature variants between the coated side and the uncoated side after being exposed to the sweltering heat and the Suns UV rays.  The surface temperature test was done to show HEI's Coating's COOLING effect after being exposed to high temperatures at the hottest point of the day.  This test was done in Southern California (Orange County, in the city of Santa Ana).

The above video is the actual utility pole test. Notice the uncoated side has a surface temperature of 106.1 F after being exposed to the sun at the hottest point of the day, but the side that was coated with HEI Protective Insulation Coating was only 77.0 F after being exposed to the same sunlight as the uncoated side.  The same Pole, just one side coated and the other side left uncoated.  As for the Fire test, it speaks for itself. Enjoy the video!